• You may start on your project before the opening ceremony, but you are not allowed to copy someone else's project entirely (with the same functionality, code, etc.). We reserve the right to disqualify anyone who we suspect breaks this rule.
  • You may participate in one of the hackathon divisions as well as the ideathon at the same time, but you can only win prizes for your best scoring result. This is to ensure that more people are honored with awards and that the competition is fair
  • You cannot participate in both the Beginner and Advanced tracks in the hackathon. Being an Advanced participant and choosing to do the Beginner division will likely result in a disqualification.


Anyone between the ages of 13 and 22 is eligible to participate, regardless of location/nationality. You may reach out to us for any clarifications in this regard or special exceptions. Falsification of information may result in disqualification from earning awards.


The hackathon will be running from Friday, September 22nd, through the next Friday, September 29th.

Team Size

Participants may work individually or in teams of up to 4 people for both the hackathon and ideathon. Prize details can be found in the Overview tab of our Devpost page.